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Mid-year Sale – Ranboo Plush

This Ranboo Plush is the hottest trending plush toy in Minecraft. Our Ranboo Plush Soft Stuffed Toy is so soft and cuddly you will be transported to a place of complete comfort. This plush is on sale, so don’t hesitate to buy it today!

  • Condition: 100%
  • Brand New
  • Material: Plush
  • Filling Material: PP cotton
  • Color: as picture
  • Size: 16-30cm


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About us

Hello dear customers, we are fans of Dream SMP. We follow them daily on streaming channels. We know that many of you are just like us, and want to own items about them. Currently, there are many items that can be printed with idols, but we chose the product as a teddy bear in the shape of youtubers, also known as “Plush”.

Create a prototype new product, mainly based on the skins/images visualized by the minecraft-er. That has always been my dream. Now, my team and I create a merchandise line themed with products and costumes that represent the story of the famous Youtubers team of this game on social media.

Why choose Cave Game Plushies?

That’s why we built Plushies so every fan can buy high quality products to show their love for Dream SMP. We want game fans to know us so we can serve you comfortably and in the best way.

Where are All Plushies related to this popular game?

We created to bring you items that you might not find elsewhere in different members. We have many products from many members of Dream SMP. Please refer to our catalog list. If you do not find a member’s product on our website, please contact us for advice.

Minecraft Plushies’ Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality services that can help our customers get the products they love. For our customers too, we hope that they may discover our services helpful in achieving their desires. Our aim is to provide our clients with a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to help them achieve their health goals.

Have a query? Strategies? And also the requirements of the partner? You may email us at any time to or to our dedicated section (“Contact Us”).

See you!